October 1999  Split Series Volume 2 w/ Swinginutters
October 1998 Out of Print
April 1997 Red, Hot & Latin
May 1996 To Sell The Truth
May 1996 How To Start A Fight: (compilation CD)
April 1996 Pogo, Sturt, Slam:(compilation CD)
September 1995 Spies For Life
February 1994 Happy Hour
February 1994 Sink With California
April 1993 Split 7" w/ gigantor YB song "it's not enough" put out on lost and found records
Nevember 1992 "Someone's Gonna Get Their Head To Belive In Something"(compilation)
 September 1992 Come Agin
April 1986 Youth Brigade Collection (france)
April 1986 Youth Brigade Collection (Italy)
March 1986 Youth Brigade Collection(Australia)
July 1986 77KK Compilation (LP) (France)
April 1985 Sink With California (Japan)
September 1984 What Price Happiness
May 1984 Sound & Fury
February 1984 Something To Belive In (Compilation)
 December 1983 Underground Hits 2 (Germany) (compilation LP)
April 1983 Sound & Fury
June 1982 Sound & Fury (Limited Edition)